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Reel lawn mowers do not require any gas, and emit zero toxic fumes or gasses. Using a totally manual reel mower is the ultimate way to “go green” and help shrink your family’s carbon footprint (although if you are not ready to go completely “human powered”, we have have electric and rechargeable reel mowers).

But, it’s not just about being more environmentally responsible. These days, with gas prices pushing record highs, the cost of using a gasoline powered lawn mower is higher than ever. Sure, it’s just a gallon here and a gallon there… but, over time this adds up to a total that is larger than most people think.

Reel lawn mowers are also relatively low maintenance. The blades usually only need sharpening once every couple of years (perhaps once per year if you have a large yard or your grass is particularly tough), and needs very little lubricating oil. This means that your mower will be ready when you are, year after year.

Here at ReelLawnMowers.org, we are dedicated to bringing you the latest reviews and ratings of the world’s best and most advanced Reel Mowers. We review the mowers, so you can buy the best one and have the least problems. This ensures that your first experience with a completely manual mower is a great one and you’ll continue to use it every year.

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