Fiskars Reel Mower Review – An Honest Look at the Fiskars 6201 18-Inch 5-Blade Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower

Manufacturer: Fiskars

Cutting Width: 18 Inches

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 4 Years

List Price: 199.99

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I love the exercise I get when mowing the yard; but I hate messing around with a gas powered lawn mower.

I used a reel lawn mower to cut my mother’s grass when I was younger, and finally, one day after the gas mower acted up for the last time, I finally went online and started researching reel lawn mowers.

After purchasing and testing this mower, I found this great video that talks about the Fiskars Reel Mower:


I really dislike spilling gas on my hands refilling the minuscule fuel tank on my old mower (which always runs out in the middle of the job), I can never remember to check the oil, and it used to take forever to start.

The Fiskars Reel Mower (The 6201 18 Inch 5 Blade Reel Lawn Mower)

While doing my research, I came across the Fiskars 6201 Reel Lawn Mower. It captured my eye because…

  • The Fiskars reel mower (5-blade push reel lawn mower) delivers twice the cutting power that really blasts through stubborn grass, tough spots, and the random weeds and twigs
  • The Fiskars’ “VersaCut” design provides superior cutting capabilities on all types of grass
  • The unique forward reel position provides the closest edging for tough to reach sidewalk and driveway edges
  • Thy use a mess-free forward grass discharge
  • It has an extremely comfortable padded ergonomic grip with a one-touch cut height adjustment
  • Every model comes with a factory 4-year warranty

The Fiskars 6201 15 Inch 5 Blade Reel Lawn Mower Is Technologically Advanced

This is not your mother’s old reel lawn mower. The technological advances in reel lawn mowers have been quite dramatic.

The Fiskars 6201 is the best of both worlds. It combines advanced technology with a comfortable ergonomic feel to make a really maneuverable reel lawn mower.

And the biggest problem with reel lawn mowers has just been solved; since the blades do not actually touch the cutting bar, you don’t have to sharpen the reel blades but maybe once every other year.

It has what Friskars calls it’s “StaySharp Cutting System”; the blades are precision engineered to cut grass without the blades touching – greatly reducing friction & blade wear.

The Fiskars 6201 15 Inch Reel Lawn Mower Is Easy to Push

The Fiskars reel mower has proprietary technology that brings these reel lawn mowers into the 21st century.

It uses this “inertial drive” technology; which means that this reel mower combines a 15 inch cutting wheel (larger than the 9 or 12 inch old models) with heavy blades to store energy (kind of like a flywheel) until the extra power is needed to cut through really tough patches of grass/weeds or twigs in the mower path.

And because the cutting friction is reduced, it takes a lot less power to push this reel mower across the lawn. If you’ve ever used an older reel mower, you’ll remember the times you have gotten the mower jammed up in longer grass; or how the mower would lock up if mowing over a thicker twig.

Because of this inertial drive technology, pushing this reel lawn mower over my uneven yard is a breeze; and I don’t have to go over the lawn looking for weeds and twigs with a fine tooth comb before mowing it either.

The Friskars 6201 Is Fully Adjustable

Another thing I really like is that the Friskars reel mower is fully adjustable; from cutting heights of 1 inch up to 4 inches. You really need this adjustability; especially the 3 inch to 4 inch cutting height if you haven’t mowed the grass in a week or two.

It doesn’t bog down in the deeper grass like your gas powered mower will. And it doesn’t leave those uncut strips of grass under the wheels like the older reel lawn mowers did.

Personally, I find the Friskars reel mower be a real improvement over my gas powered Toro.

It is adjustable for multiple heights (so my twelve year old son can use it when I am not feeling frisky on the Friskars), very comfortable to maneuver around the yard, and has addressed the most common problems one had with the older reel lawn mowers.

I got mine online for just under $200; and with the price of gas being what it is, it should probably pay for itself in two or three years.

So now I can get my yard work and self paced workout done simultaneously; and the end result is a good looking lawn as well.

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9 Responses to Fiskars Reel Mower Review – An Honest Look at the Fiskars 6201 18-Inch 5-Blade Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower

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  2. Gary Fury says:

    I own this mower. Had it for about 3 years now. It takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. I just keep the blades lubed up with WD40 before and after a cut and I only sharpened it once about a month ago. I only wish the grass catcher was behind the mower, not in front.

    • Brad says:

      Thanks for the comment, Gary. I have only owned mine for a little less than a year. It’s nice to hear that yours is still holding up well.

  3. Julie M. Adams says:

    I was considering buying this mower. The reviews look pretty good. It’s in my top 3 so far.

  4. Ralph Wahlstrom says:

    I’ve had this mower for two years. It’s easily the best reel mower I’ve used. I have yet to sharpen it, but it still cuts beautifully.

    • Brad says:

      Good to hear that, Ralph. I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner… I would have approved it a long time ago. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Sara says:

    We’ve had the Fiskar for a couple of years now and this thing is amazing. One thing they don’t tell you in the sales literature is that it’s a “no-contact” blade system, so the blade don’t touch nothing but the grass. We haven’t sharpened our blades the whole time we’ve had this thing.

    • Brad says:

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Sara. Yes, the Fiskars 6201 is definitely in my short list of favorites. I have only owned mine for one mowing season… looking forward to Summer 2012 to see how it holds up for ROUND 2!

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