Scotts Reel Mower Review – Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

Manufacturer: Scotts

Cutting Width: 20 Inches

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 Years

List Price: 119.99

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Every year, you go through the same spring routine. You dig out the gas powered lawn mower, and knock off last year’s grass that was stuck to it. Then you have to drain and refill the oil, swap out the spark plug, try to find a new air filter that’s the right size….all the other assorted tasks that are mandatory to maintain any gas engine.

Today we are testing the Scotts reel mower (the Scotts 2000 20 inch push reel lawn mower, to be exact), but before we get started, you might be interested in seeing the Scotts Reel Mower in action… so here is the video:


The Scotts 2000 20 Inch Mower

So, how did our test work out? We will get to that; but first, let’s get into detail on these Scotts 2000s. These mowers feature…

  • A 20-inch blade width with 10-inch dual tracking wheels
  • The ability to dial in 9 different grass heights (from 1-3 inches) easily adjusted by quick-snap height adjusters
  • Durable, precision sharpened heat-treated, steel blades
  • A 2-year factory warranty

This is a basic push reel lawn mower without all the bells and whistles that does one thing very well; it cuts grass extremely well.

It is light weight, very maneuverable, and environmentally correct. It plows through even the thickest grass with ease, and the wide, 20 inch blade width means fewer passes over the yard.

My yard is not the biggest on the block, and the Scotts 2000 20 inch reel mower is perfect for my needs.

The Scotts Reel Mower- Simple But Effective

This is one of the most basic reel lawn mowers you will find on the market; and that’s just fine for me.

There are no complicated engine maintenance headaches to deal with every year like my old gas mower, and this reel mower was a steal.

I found mine online for about $100, it arrived within three days, and I was able to assemble this reel mower in under five minutes; I didn’t even have to use any tools.

I literally took it out of the box, and was cutting grass ten minutes later.

The grass height adjustments are a breeze to use, and a very handy feature as I sometimes let the lawn run away for ten days or two weeks before breaking out the mower.

They are simple “quick snap” tabs above the rear wheels that allows you to dial in the grass height with 9 different height adjustments; so when I get lazy later in the summer (it IS summer, after all), I can get caught up mowing even longer grass without jamming the blades.

The five heat-treated steel blades rotate and each blade slices through grass with very little friction, which makes this mower very easy to push. The cut grass results in a fine mulch, which is essential for a healthy lawn; and so far the blades have not needed to be sharpened to date.

I also like the wheel set up; it has two main 10 inch wheels, along with an additional two six-inch tracking wheels which makes the Scotts 2000 a breeze to handle.

This unique double wheel alignment eliminates drag and makes it easier to push this reel mower over even the toughest, most uneven terrain.

The Scotts 2000 20 Inch Reel Mower- It’s Not Perfect

But it works just fine for me. Some of the issues I have found with this mower?

It is difficult to get a good edge with this reel mower; especially if your driveway or sidewalk is a little elevated (like mine are). And when running over a thicker stick or twig, you will have to manually remove it since it will lock up the blades.

However, since I have begun using the Scotts reel mower, what used to be a loathsome, mundane task is actually pretty fun now. Plus I get a little exercise in while keeping my carbon footprint down.

And I don’t have the maintenance headaches of a gas mower every spring.

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